Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rude Words Cause Boring MoralOutrage! Alert

900,000 Australian TV viewers had no problem with the most recent episode of Good News Week. Some viewers, however, who need to keep themselves in the headlines, didn't :
Crude language, sex and violence on the box has a family group claiming TV is becoming nothing more than a septic tank of dirt and garbage.

In Monday's Good News Week, bad language was rife -with the f-word dropped once every 10 minutes. The popular satire program also featured jokes about masturbation, child molesting, erections and sex with dogs.

The usual suspects are involved in these fresh yelps of MoralOutrage!

Family Council of Victoria spokesman Bill Muehlenberg said GNW was just one of a proliferation of "cheap, bottom of the barrel" shows.

"It used to be about coming up with good ideas and talent to entertain people; now, it's all about scraping the bottom of the barrel to be more shocking than the last guy," he said. "It's like diving into a septic tank. There's just too much gratuitous sex and violence on television. The networks should be held accountable.

"Not everyone can afford cable television, so poor people like us are stuck with whatever the networks dish up to us."

Must not have any good books worth reading. Or any thick books based on myths written in the 4th century, and rewritten in the 15th century worthy, of another flick through. Are there no Christian video games yet?

Some viewers"It's not acceptable, particularly on the ABC and SBS because our tax dollars subsidise them."

900,000 other Australians didn't have a problem with that Good News Week. But who cares what they think?

Minority opinions are far more important.