Sunday, June 07, 2009

This Is Why Supermarkets Don't Put The Eggs With The Milk With The Bacon

Wah, of Club Wah, goes shopping :

This is what supermarkets do. They fuck with your mind and keep moving things so you go in to buy bacon and eggs and while negotiating a maze to find them you end up with a trolley full of shit you had no intention of buying. Indeed as I traipsed through Coles looking for the fucking eggs I did see things that I needed, but through fuck you Coles you’re not getting an extra cent out of me today – though I did grab some orange juice when I went that way in search of eggs.

By the time I was asked at the check out “do you want Flybuys?” and then “would you like to join FlyBuys?” I had given up on life.

Wah did enjoy the eventual breakfast, however.