Monday, June 01, 2009

A Poultry Kind Of Psychopathy

Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce is now the politician most likely to supply Canberra's press gallery with something highly quotable, and funny. He struck gold this morning when commenting on Kevin Rudd :
"The guy's a psycho chook.

"Who in their right mind gets onto a plane and because he doesn't get the right colour birdseed has a spack attack?''
I don't think I've heard 'spack attack' used by an adult since Kylie Mole went off the air, and Barnaby Joyce totally owns 'Psycho Chook' as far as Google is concerned.

Howard-era Liberal Party lingerer, Tony Abbott, also had a bit of a go at Rudd :
"People who know him have always thought that the Milky Bar Kid image was a bit confected," he said.
Get it? Oh, come on! That's genius. Milky Bar, confected, confectionery....nothing?

Ah, forget it. Abbott's multi-layered humour is obviously too deep for the average Ostrahyun.