Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ASIO : You Can Find All Of Us Right Here, Now Check Out Our Trippy Ad

By Darryl Mason

While Australia's most public spy agency, ASIO, advertises for new recruits ...

....on the same Sydney Morning Herald page as a story finely detailing the public service history of the ever more curious fake email-linked Godwin Grech....

....the ground is about to be broken in Canberra for ASIO's spiffy new headquarters, or 'Central Office'. Here's the exact location of our chief spy agency's new HQ :

Both of those images come from ASIO's own website.

Some more screengrabs of the tall, wide ASIO's recruitment ad in the Herald, reminiscent of William Burrough's word and sentence cut-ups :

William Burroughs
on the cut-up method :

I wonder if you get a special prize from ASIO for deciphering, or re-arranging, the sentences spread across those three ads?