Monday, March 16, 2009

We Don't Have Time To Spy On Everything

Australia's key intelligence and spying agency, ASIO, is apparently not aware that there is a fake ASIO Twitter.

That's not exactly reassuring, is it?

The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation wasn't aware of its fake account, which announces security updates warning, among other things, people not to eat things that smell bad.

"We would urge anyone interested in ASIO to go to our official website," an ASIO spokeswoman said.

Some stout advice from and pro-security news from the fake-ASIO Twitter :
We have already filed a report detailing both Peter Garrett's dance, and his mishapen head as a threat to national security.

Thanks to mindcontrol drugs/art sweeteners; half chance consumers will rise up against a corrupt Government.

(ASIO) is fighting the 'good fight'. We may be on your side, but we're still going to ensure that Freedom doesn't win.

(ASIO) owns everyone of any significance in the major media. Except for Rove. Nobody wants to own Rove.

SECURITY ALERT: Fire relief concerts appreciate relative irony of being rained out.3:53 PM Mar 14th from web