Monday, March 09, 2009

Shitstorm Causes Storm Of Shit

By Darryl Mason

Imagine how loud the crowd in the below video would have applauded if PM Rudd had said : "Fuck those bankers. They fucked everyone. Some did it on purpose, some did it because they were stupid dumb fucks. But fuck them all anyway."

Did he fake it? To take the heat off himself? To make himself look like just another causal swearing Aussie like the rest of us fucks and pricks?

They also probably believe that three steel skyscrapers can collapse from the effects of fire alone, on the same day, but it's a conspiracy shitstorm over at, where someone swearing on TV is always big news :
Just trying to be one of the working families hey Kev, but most of us saw through it, you and the Duck really are quite shallow.
Posted by: Ray of Tathra

He's just trying to appear to be "one of the boys" to win you over!
Posted by: Mick of Qld

Rudd is one of the biggest fakes I've seen in political office; and that's really saying something. Of course he meant to say it deliberately to appeal to "working families". Embarassingly, it shows how dumbed down "working families" are when they eat it up and think he's being real.
Posted by: Rob of Sydney

...he wasnt emotional at all he had a big goofy smile on his face when he said it this was no slip he was trying to sound like a bloke to bad krudd your still the kinda guy that would get wedgies at school.... i find it so funny how he claims understand the aussie battler yet he is completely loaded he wont feel the financial crisis personally he may lose a holiday home or two.... ahaha..... make no mistake this was completely fake
Posted by: Ej of Gold Coast

It worked, it was scripted and now everyone is talking about that 10 seconds of the address and not the other more important parts. He is the best spin doctor, curve ball throwing politician we have ever had.
Posted by: David of Syd

fter a week of being called "toxic bore", robotic and a host of other things that distance himself as a master of spin and bureaucratic methods, he lets slip a swear word that isn't even beeped out on a pre-recorded show? Script, script, script. PhD of Spinology at work once again.
Posted by: Seanous of the NT

If this was a genuine slip of the tongue wouldn't it have best to carry on as if nothing happend, but no, he bought attention to it by stopping correcting himself and appologising. If a good singer makes a mistake durring a song they carry on as if it didn't happen.
Posted by: suspicious of Melbourne
I'm convinced. How do we even know that was the real Kevin Rudd? Maybe he has a swear-crazy body double...the one who got hammered with the strippers in New York.

It's going to happen eventually, so why not be the first politician to come out on TV and speak like so many of them actually do when the cameras are not around?
"Can I just say of my opponent in this epic battle, you are a squirrely little fuckbag. You fucking shit me. You shit everyone. You're a goddamned fucking liar. And everyone fucking knows it, mate. You are so full of shit you could install a shit mining rig on the top of your head and everyday there would be another gusher. Fuckstick."
Yeah, well, they never will get that honest in Parliament, though it would certainly help to fill up the public galleries.

Later on : maybe I was wrong to be so sarcastic. With The Australian, Sky News, The Herald Sun, ABC Online and the Canberra Times waying in, clearly the prime minister saying "Shitstorm" is big news.