Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just Another Sideshow

The "I can't believe this shit!" takedown by The Daily Telegraph's Tim Blair of the new global warming hyperarama movie, The Age Of Stupid, would be far more convincing if the following "We Are Global Warming True Believers" Corporate Green banner ad from the boss didn't keep popping up all over his blog :

And if his co-editors didn't keep putting headlines like this on the The Daily Telegraph's front page :

Who is more hypocritical?

The climatologist who truly believes in the threat to humanity posed by climate change, but who also flies to conferences to convince the world that they need to stop flying so much?

Or the alleged journalist who claims global warming is "completely bogus" yet earns a living from a media company that is the world's biggest, most influential, most powerful promoter of "the clear, catastrophic threat" from climate change? A corporation that proudly admits to injecting global warming hysteria into cartoons and TV shows watched by billions.

This Age Of Stupid movie sounds like absolute junk, but when will Blair stop piddling around with the small fry in the Age Of Climate Change and go after the real main players, the ones who are convincing children that their parents are killing the planet because they want to watch the cricket or Law Or Order on a big screen TV?

He could start with his own boss, Rupert Murdoch, and the Corporate Greenism that infects News Limited for starters. That Murdoch is, ultimately, Blair's boss should have nothing to do with his exposure of the global warming hysteria and hypocrisy that helps to pay his wages.

UPDATE : The Professional Idiot, Andrew Bolt, has a flurry of blog posts challenging the consensus scientific opinion on the reality of global warming, but his own employers are counter-acting his work with the very same ads that make Blair looks ridiculous :

News Limited, as I've stated above, is the most powerful, most influential force in creating a mass mind which believes global warming is real. Both Blair and Bolt refuse to go after what any rational person can see is the Number One distributor and promoter of global warming hysteria and Corporate Greenis, simply because they are being paid not to.

Blair and Bolt are paid not to shut up about global warming, but to not criticise the massive 'Global Warming Is Reality' propaganda campaign Rupert Murdoch's worldwide media has been unrolling for at least two years.

Al Gore? Easy target.

Fat, hairy old hippies living without electricity? Easy target.

Deluded protester walking a thousand kilometres to stop global warming? Dead easy target.

Rupert Murdoch and News Limited's nefarious campaign to realitise global warming?

Utterly untouchable.