Monday, March 09, 2009

Stripped, Bare-Breasted Young Robots Don't Yet Know The Shame Of Being Naked, But They Will

It's bad enough that they're probably going to jump over the whole affordable perfect cook servant-butler period we've been dreaming about for decades and move straight onto local government, but I say if robots are smart enough to weld cars together, perform complex medical operations, play jazz music better than we can and parade through our streets and shopping malls, then they should put on some damn clothes.

Do you really want a naked robot looking after your Boomer parents in their dimly lit, lo-carbon nursing homes? Do you want a nude robot feeding mum and dad their dinner? No. Neither do I.

Before we know it, robots will carrying our groceries to our cars and selling us flowers on the street and tractor-treading their way up the stairs of state and federal government. They will also be managing restaurants, running our police force and looking after our children in automated child care centres.

Are we, civilised members of civilised society going to stand by and allow robots to do all these things for us while they're not wearing pants?

Stop Robot Nudity Now!