Monday, March 02, 2009

They Told Me To Tell You That They Do Not Control My Mind

Just brilliant. 'Nic' posting repeatedly deleted comments here, offers up another that I simply have to preserve here, so it will never be lost :
"Last chance. Leave this post up as confirmation that I have never suggested that you, freemasons and greys are controlling my mind and you will not hear from me again."
Last chance? Or what? The Freemasons and Greys will blow up 'Nic's' head with psychotronic weapons from their orbiting space station?

Of course, if your mind is actually being controlled by The Freemasons and the Greys, they're not too happy if you go blabbing about it all over the internet. Believe me.

Then again, if your mind is controlled by The Freemasons and Greys, would they not be able to stop you in the first place from blabbing about it? Unless they secretely, cunningly, want 'Nic' to get out there and deny they secretely control his mind, while secretely controlling it, in some kind of devilish exercise aimed at making 'Nic' look like some kind of downward-spiralling loon.

That's the problem when your mind is being controlled by Greys and Freemasons. You can never be 100% certain that they are, or are not, secretely controlling your mind.


UPDATE : Now Nic realises that The Freemasons and the Greys may be monitoring internet communications for any big mouths, like him, spilling the beans about the existence, or non-existence, of their nefarious mind-contrology*, panic sets in :
If Jeremy won't let me respond without deleting, will someone else who has been following please do Jeremy and I a favour and post a comment stating that I have never mentioned freemasons, aliens, or Jeremy as controlling my mind?

* I think it says a lot about Google Blogger that the phrase 'mind-contrology' does not register in its automatic spellcheck. At least, it doesn't on my Blogger account, which may be further proof that Nic is really onto something here. Or on something....