Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Now It's The Liberals Turn To Say "Bloody Howard!"

The headline promises so much, 'It's All Howard's Fault, Say Liberals', but the story delivers so little meat :

The nation's Liberal leaders have blamed an unhealthy focus on the former Howard government for contributing to their electoral woes.

State and territory Liberal Party leaders held a crisis meeting in Melbourne to try to revive the fortunes of the party, which languishes in opposition throughout Australia.

Victorian opposition leader Ted Baillieu said while it had been important to focus on keeping the party in power federally, the situation had changed following the November 24 election loss.

"The focus on the federal coalition from time to time drew resources, staffing and focus to that effort," he said.

"The efforts of the state and territory division have not been helped.

"We need to assert the states and territories, who are central ... to reviving the fortunes of the party."

Is that it? No quotes hammering Howard, or shredding Abbott, Nelson, Downer or Costello for spending most of 2007 singing the praises of John Howard when they all knew, from their own polling, that Howard was a key reason why they would lose the federal election?


At least the state Liberal leaders showed what they thought of the new federal Liberal 'leader' Brendan Nelson. He wasn't invited to the pow-wow.

Baillieu took the time to spell out just what the Liberals now stand for :

"We stand for freedom of the individual, freedom of enterprise, growth and aspiration, small government and a strong and productive, safe future for all Australians," he said.

So basically they stand for everything that Howard was opposed to, or did his best to ensure Australians were denied.

Smells like a nasty war is brewing between state and federal Liberals.

What a shame. And just when they where showing signs of....well, nothing much really.