Friday, January 11, 2008

(Crying) "They're All In Prison, Mummy!"

Young friends visiting from Tasmania, so it was a day to take in a couple of the tourist-choked sights of Sydney. Darling Harbour's Wildlife World and the Sydney Aquarium, during school holidays, such woeful timing. But still fun, in a kind of fullcore sensory assaultive way. At what age does that almost hallucinatory excitement of being a child in begin to wind down?

After seeing one too many of the various fish, seals and sharks that she recognised from Finding Nemo, a small girl could take no more, coughing out her mind-shocking realisation through shuddering tears : "They're...All...In....Prison, mummy!"

Well, that until-very-recently-quite-content squid isn't. It just got taken out by the massive shark in the main tank, along with a few mouthfuls of smaller fish. A few seconds of feeding frenzy follows. The mass wailing of small children begins.

The horror.