Tuesday, January 01, 2008

How Are You, I Mean Really, How Are You?

First day of 2008, 2.58am and this was the lead story on the Sydney Morning Herald website :

Okay, now this is just fucking stupid.

Really, who gives a shit?

Hicks is out of Gitmo, he's home with his family, he fucked up, he did six years, Howard cut a deal with Cheney and got Hicks off heavier charges because Howard couldn't take the heat during nine months of electioneering. Hicks fucked up, Howard fucked up. But it's over, alright? Let Hicks fade into obscurity.

As much as the Sydney Morning Herald, the Daily Telegraph, the Herald Sun, Who Weekly and the rest want Hicks to be their new super-celeb, so they can track him relentlessly through his new relationships, work, marriage, new children, breakdowns, drug and alcohol addictions, rehab, recovery, and so on, you're all wasting your time.

As soon as Hicks does a Denton and tells his story, and then the movie covers what was missed in the interview special and book, that's it. There's only so much story here, and we know most of it already.

Give it up guys, you're already embarrassing yourself.

Hicks ain't Bilko.