Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Non-Cancerous Blair Will Return Soon

Tim Blair's pizza delivery guy looks almost exactly like John Malkovich

The prognosis is good, for now, but blogger Tim Blair is going under the knife next week to have his cancerous abdominal contents removed. If he applies the same dedication to destroying his cancer as he does to regularly dismantling Al Gore, Tim Flannery and Traceee Hutchinson, Blair will get through this.

Back in 2002, Tim Blair's sister had a cancer scare. He wrote : sister Dianne underwent a routine pap smear. It revealed pre-cancerous cells. She's now recovering from an operation to discover whether she has anything worse to worry about.

Early indications are good. Although Dianne is yet to receive the results from her operation, she at least survived the surgery ordeal. I'm betting on a happy outcome; Dianne is super fit and as tough as hell, with a pain threshold so high it would shame a marathon runner. Which Dianne is, come to think of it.

She's a freak of a gal, my sister. Dianne has inherited all the athletic abilities of my father, combined with my mother's terrifying bulldozer determination.
His sister was given the all clear soon after.

Let's hope, for at least the sake of the Australian blogstream, that Blair gets the same kind of good news soon. Blair's blog, along with four or five fast coffees, can always be relied on to kickstart the head and the heart each morning, whether or not you agree with him. And let's face it, where's the fun (and adrenalin) in only reading blogs that agree with everything you believe? That's a fine way to learn absolutely nothing new.

It will be interesting to see how cancer surgery and a month or more of recovery affects his view of the world, and death in particular. No doubt it will shift a few perspectives, but hopefully the experience won't morbidise his often cutting and insightful wit. Plus, Blair's still got what will surely prove to be one of the funniest and most entertaining books on Australian politics, and the rule of Evil Lefties, to write.

The tributes pouring into Blair's blog are many, passionate and touching. It's nice to see them all not wishing death on someone for a change.