Sunday, November 11, 2007

More Gay Men Would Rather See Howard Nude Than Rudd

Perhaps the Australian Associated Press figures this is the kind of light-hearted story that allows them to drop the serious tone. Well, you'd hope that's the excuse for this story intro :
Twice as many voters want to see a nude Kevin Rudd than John Howard with his gear off, according to another opinion poll sure to worry the Prime Minister.
John Howard worries about how many Australians want to see him naked? Well take a wild guess and presume that Howard is probably more concerned right now by nine solid months of polls that have shouted, week in and week out, 'You Are Not Going To Win The Election No Matter What You Do Now'.

But all hope is not lost in the 'nude stakes' for Howard. He's a firm winner with the gay vote :
...18 per cent of men want to see the PM in the buff, compared to only 14 per cent for Mr Rudd.
Could Howard find a new career in retirement as a gay icon?

Howard scored only limp interest from the all important Yoof Vote :
Among 18- to 24-year-olds, Mr Howard fared even worse, with an estimated 153,000 keen for an eyeful, compared to Rudd's 845,000.
The federal election campaign has now become so intensely boring that this will probably be the most interesting Howard Vs Rudd story of the day.