Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cheers Matt

Journo, and one very fine and very entertaining writer, Matt Price died today from brain tumours. He was quoted on Sunday morning on Insiders, by the host, who had visited Matt and said he was putting up a good fight. Hours later he was dead.

Damn shame.

Matt was a great bloke.

A wonderful obituary can be read here - "life is fragile..."

According to Insiders host Barrie Cassidy, Matt Price had one final prediction for Australian politics, of the kind that he was often happy to make in his writing, and it went like this : Kevin Rudd's loud declaration that "The Buck Stops With Me!" will be the millstone around his neck for years to come.

A solid final call.

Here's Matt Price's blog archive from The Australian site. Hopefully they will leave it up as a permanent memorial to his excellent work, and his genuinely interested and often fun interaction and feedback with many of those who commented at his blog.

If you've never read Matt Price's work, hit the archive, dive back a few pages and check his predictions before the election was called. You won't be disappointed.

Australian politics desperately needs more fine and witty writers like Matt Price.