Saturday, November 03, 2007

About A. Bolt

Thanks to the dozens of readers who've forwarded me the A. Bolt column supposedly claiming 'We've Won The War In Iraq'. It won't get a link or a quote here. At least, not yet. Why bother? It's not the first time he's made such claims. 'We're winning the war in Iraq' falls from Bolt's stubby fingers about every six to nine months.

Why add to the cavalcade of genuine disgust and outrage from hundreds of people who've already commented on his blog and on the site? The disgust quotient currently runs at about 98%, many of whom genuinely can't seem to comprehend that a mainstream newspaper journalist/columnist has actually said that 100,000 or more Iraqi civilian deaths don't matter because Saddam may have killed more.

Of course they're disgusted. Who wouldn't be?

Imagine Bolt's outrage if a Sydney Morning Herald columnist said 6 million dead Jews under Hitler didn't matter because Stalin probably killed 20 million people?

Bolt's a cheap huckster, who knows that the more outrage he manifests, the more hits his blogs and columns will get and the higher the ad revenue take will be as the comments pile up. That's all he's interested in. No doubt he probably now gets a cut of the online ad action.

Your anger and outrage at Bolt's justification for the deaths of more than 100,000 innocent Iraqis is worth about two cents in ad revenue, for every comment you post at his site.

That's how much he values your opinion, and feelings.

Bolt knows he was one of the key and highly influential supporters of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. He knows that he must take some of the blame for Australia's involvement. He knows that he was used, and willingly, by Howard operatives in an attempt to discredit Andrew Wilkie, a brave Australian who destroyed his own career in an attempt to get the truth out about the awful lies that was leading Australia into an attack on the innocent people of Iraq.

No wonder Bolt felt the need to disappear for a few days after writing such pro-genocidal garbage.