Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Bolt : My Readers Are Dumb

For months before the election was called and on a daily basis through the entire election campaign, hundreds of stunned, shocked, horrified, hopeful, teary, desperate, confident and faithful conservatives, Howard Huggers and Liberal Party voters gathered at Andrew Bolt's blog and talked up the reasons why, and the chances of, John Howard pulling off another major big election win.

Even when the polls were desperately hopeless, the Howard Huggers rarely lost hope. They'd list the reasons why Howard should win, and would win. And Andrew Bolt encouraged them to keep on believing the end was not so very nigh.

Now the election is over, now that Howard has led his party to the most devastating loss in the history of the Liberal Party, now that the party founded by Howard's hero Sir Robert Menzies lies in tatters, Andrew Bolt tells his mostly conservative, Liberal Party devoted readers what he really thinks of them :

"The phoney election is over. Only the dumb or desperate Liberals ever thought Labor would lose."

What a rude and obnoxious shithead Andrew Bolt is.

But then, you probably already knew that.

Talk about sticking in the knife and giving it a twist.