Thursday, August 30, 2007

Australians Like Americans, But Hate Bush

More Concerned About Threat Of Climate Change Than Terror

The next time some idiot tells you you're anti-American because you think President Bush is a power-crazed, warpig NeoCon, you don't need to bother to point out that it's not the average American you have a problem with, it's their leader. A new poll reveals the local NeoCon 'anti-American' guff for exactly what it is - a total fabrication :
...more than three-quarters of Australians had a favourable opinion of the nation's people.

Mr Bush is cited by nearly 70 per cent of unimpressed people and he was the top reason they had an unfavourable view.

US foreign policy was cited by 63 per cent as the reason they were turned off America, followed by American culture (41 per cent).

But only one in five Australians cited American people as the reason they had an unfavourable impression of the US.

Australians understand that Americans are as unhappy with Bush as we are, and they don't necessarily blame Americans for the violence and madness Bush unleashes on the world.

While the Federal Government makes much of Canberra's close relationship with Washington, three-quarters of Australians did not believe the US payed much attention to its ally when making foreign policy decisions.

Australians have also been placing less weight on the importance of the Anzus alliance over the last few years.

In 2005, 45 per cent saw it as very important compared with 36 per cent this year.

The Lowy Institute poll also revealed that the majority of Australians believe climate change poses a greater threat to the nation than terrorism.

Asked to consider the effect of foreign policy, tackling climate change and protecting Australian jobs were rated as very important aims by 75 per cent of people.

By comparison, 65 per cent of people saw combating international terrorism as a very important outcome of foreign policy.

86 per cent were worried by the risk posed by climate change compared with 68 per cent for international terrorism.

In all, the poll spells out serious bad news for prime minister Howard.

Australians want workers rights to be protected, for climate change to be tackled and for Australia to stop supporting President Bush so vehemently.

Howard, meanwhile, wants to continue stripping away more workers rights, delay any real action on climate change and follow President Bush into launching military strikes on Iran and extending the horror of the Iraq War for as long as possible.

And he wonders why he can't get an action in the polls?