Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Spin Is In : Voters "Bored To Sobs" With Howard

After taking a Bush-length European holiday, Andrew Bolt is home and dipping straight back into his stale old bag of tricks - projecting misinformation, twisting the truth and trying to ram obvious falsities into the national debate about why voters have turned so strongly against prime minister John Howard.

Today Bolt claims :
...voters seem bored to sobs by Howard after 11 years...
Clearly Bolt hasn't been keeping up with the polls or the media coverage of those results while he's been jaunting through those European countries he used to revile for being so anti-American and full of Bush haters.

Australian voters aren't going to vote Howard out because they're "bored to sobs."

The majority of Australians have clearly and repeatedly stated they don't believe Howard on climate change, on the Iraq War, on interest rates and are furious over the often dire changes to their working lives, and their pay packets, that Howard's WorkChoices have wrought.

"Bored"? Anything but. Voters are energised, engaged, and, for now, are enthusiastically reacting to the day when John Howard and the coalition government no longer are in control of the country and their lives.

And then there's this extremely creepy thought bubble from Bolt :
...something might yet turn up that will make us appreciate anew his vast experience and steadiness under fire....

Even if there were to be another terrorist attack, God forbid, the public is now so cynical it’s as likely to blame Howard for provoking it as it is to admire his firmness in handling it.

Another terrorist attack? We haven't had a first 'War on Terror'-era attack in Australia yet.

Do Howard-huggers like Bolt sit around contemplating the benefits of a terrorist attack in Australia for the government's re-election chances? Anticipating the opportunity for Howard to showcase his leadership skills in the wake of such horror? It sure sounds like it. Absolutely disgusting.

But be under no illusions that the Australian public is simply "bored to sobs" with Howard.

The 'Letter To The Prime Minister' page we highlighted and excerpted from here will give you hundreds of reasons why the Australian public will vote Howard out of office. Few of those reasons have to do with people being "bored".

In saying that the Australian public are simply "bored to sobs" with Howard and that "seems" to be the main reason they will vote him out of office is to all but declare that Australians are stupid.

Or at least simple-minded. That they are not politically aware, or keeping track and score of the issues where John Howard has lied and been dishonest, the numerous 2004 election promises he has failed to deliver on, and the endless storm of controversies that have swirled around the prime minister ever since he decided to join Bush Co. in the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq in mid-2002.

"Bored to sobs"? Yeah, right. Australians are more likely to vote against John Howard come election time because they feel he is "desperate", "old" and "sneaky".

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