Monday, August 27, 2007

Yo Bro, You Dead Yet?

They build them tough in Australia :
...Keen and Mr Gilders had been friends for more than two years when the friendship soured after Keen suspected Mr Gilders of sleeping with his girlfriend.

...Keen stabbed (Gilders) in the neck, knocked him to the ground, dropped a large rock on his head twice and stabbed him again.

When he had finished, Keen asked Mr Gilders if he was dead yet, to which Mr Gilders responded: "Not even close, brother".

They shook hands after the stabbing and Keen left his friend for dead. Gilders didn't make a complaint about the attack. Keen confessed to police months later.

There's a definition of mateship you won't find in John Howard's Guide To Being A Ridgy-Didge Aussie.