Monday, April 06, 2009

Murdoch : Fuck Google, Fuck Yahoo

By Darryl Mason

Rupert Murdoch has decided to try his hand at stand-up comedy :

"People are used to reading everything on the net for free, and that's going to have to change."

The ignorant old bastard really has no idea what's going on. At all.

Murdoch's on the verge of losing at least a hundred million or two on MySpace, after already kissing goodbye to a very personal couple of billion in the last year while revenue from the Wall Street Journal begins a downward spiral, and he thinks (or is praying) he can make people pay money to read online totally fabricated stories about Pauline Hanson's tits?

That's his Plan?

Ts is why he is now pissing his Depends in fear :

As online ad revenue growth stumbles and in some cases falls, publishers are being forced to rethink whether charging for access is possible, or whether readers would simply stop going to their websites. they cut costs, publishers are looking for ways to get more people to read -- and pay for -- journalism.

Time is running out.

And it's particularly interesting that Rupert Murdoch sees news aggregators as "stealing" his "copyright" because they link to his media's stories and videos.

Let's see what else this alleged visionary, who happily gave up his Australian citizenship to brainwash Americans into supporting wars that would ultimately end up utterly devastating their communities, has to say about the Future Of Online Media :

Mr Murdoch also questioned whether the newspaper industry should continue to allow online news aggregators such as Google to aggregate newspaper content without being compensated for it.

"Should we be allowing Google to steal all our copyrights? If you have a brand like The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, you don't have to," said Mr Murdoch. "You can say, thanks but no thanks."

There's a visionary plan to ratchet up the faith of stockholders. Tell Google and Yahoo to cough up some cream or go fuck themselves.

It's particularly fascinating to see that Rupert Murdoch thinks Google is "stealing" his "copyright" because they are linking to his media's stories and videos, most of which are based around things that happened to other people, people who mostly don't want to be in the news to begin with. Rupert Murdoch actually believes he really does own The News, that is The News that happens in the private lives of private people.

Stealing copyrights?

More and more of his own media's millions of worldwide newspaper column inches and thousands of hours of TV 'news' is filling up with stories and photos his journalists are "stealing" from bloggers or social networking sites and user-created aggegator sites like Digg, usually without any credit whatsoever, let alone payment. The same goes for the constant begging and badgering from his Australian online newspapers for readers to "send us your stories" and "send us your photos" on the condition that the Murdoch newspaper keeps the copyright of anything reader-submitted and can sell them into syndication with no compensation at all to the reader who submitted. In journalism, begging readers for stories is the stuff of early, humiliating defeat. We can't afford to send out so many reporters anymore, so why don't you send us stories we can run for free instead? Have you spied your neighbour fucking a goat dressed in a tutu in his backyard? Take a photo and send us a story....

When this is all over, and when the current generation growing up online hits adulthood, the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and Fox News and almost all the other icons of modern media will be seen as so very, very 20th century, and all but worthless as mega-brands. They will be worth much, much less than what they're worth even today. The future is not massive domination of news markets by one or two mega-corporations, thank fuck, but locally based, inexpensively run, news websites and community newspapers. As it should be, as it already is across Asia.

You'd expect an allegedly visionary media mogul to know that.

Or maybe he's still betting on China letting him turn the misfortunes and humiliations of its people into another few billion for the pile.

It's not the kind of bet I'd be taking with other peoples' money.


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