Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Rogue Wallabies : Luxuriantly Lawned Nursing Home Just Asking For Us To Invade And Cause Ruckus

Photo by Scott Radford-Chisolm

They are called "rogue" wallabies, and they've been "terrorising" elderly residents of a Queensland nursing home.

From here :

Wild wallabies are terrorising a Townsville retirement village, knocking over residents and defecating on lawns and patios.

Residents at Carlyle Gardens are said to be too afraid to leave their homes when the 100-strong mob runs amok in the early mornings and late afternoons.

The wallabies are crashing into cars, scooters and even elderly residents.

"Where else would they get lawns that are green and watered and people planting new plants all the time?" he said.

"The nutrition is great, there are no predators and there are no fences so they can move freely. I have been there and seen a big buck male sitting in the patios lying in the shade."

Large male wallabies, over a metre tall and weighing up to 30kg, are fighting, falling against the side of homes and damaging walls.

"Some of the residents were very worried because now they find themselves confined to their homes because they are afraid of being knocked over..."

An operation is now under way to relocate the animals.

Crazy. Why not arm the more able elderly residents, let them go to war on the wallabies and video the bloodbath? It won't do anything much for the elderly or the wallabies, but it will make for some very entertaining TV.

What absolutely incredibly evolved creatures they are :

"A kangaroo can have a joey at foot, a joey in the pouch and one inside fertilised and ready to be born if something happens to the one in the pouch."