Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fox News : We Don't Want To See Obama Or McCain Gunned Down, Honest

Both The Professional Idiot and his Sydney counterpart, Tim Blair, have spent plenty of time cataloguing Evil Pagan Lefties' apparent obsession with crazed American rednecks wanting to gun down Barack Obama. Hell, there's only been three known conspiracies to Obama in the past few months by, what a surprise, racist rednecks. But 'Kill The WannaBe President' imagery and allutations must be catching, because even Fox News is pumping these visuals now.

More on this here

But Fox News is owned by The Professional Idiot and Tim Blair's boss, ex-Australian Rupert Murdoch, so it must be okay then to go completely fucking insane and pump visuals like the one above to an audience that includes many heavily armed rednecks.

How much do you think Rupert himself would gain, cash in hand, from the assassination of either McCain or Obama? Remember, the increased Fox News viewership (almost triple the normal ratings) from the first year of the Iraq War, plus massive increases in sales of Murdoch newspapers across Australia, the US and England, when the war still looked likely to be won (without needing to bribe the Sunnis who were successfully killing many American soldiers a whole bunch of money to stop the slaughter), earned Rupert a few hundred million extra dollars.

A few weeks of increased viewership and historical newspaper sales following a successful assassination would have to earn him at least $20-30 million.

Thank God this circus of an election campaign, which has soaked up a truly insane amount of Australian news time, will be over in less than 100 hours. Well, probably. Then again, who the fuck knows? This is American democracy we're talking about.