Saturday, November 01, 2008

John The Howard Years : We Will Decide.....What I've Already Decided

More biased ABC programming, funded by taxpayers, loaded with the usual suspects mostly all singing the same song, and all of it aimed at making John The Howard look like an even bigger loser than he already is :

After keeping his peace for almost a year, John Howard will use a forthcoming ABC series to present his version of events leading up to last year's election loss - including why he did not stand aside in 2006.

The program also reveals that three of his government's most important policies - the GST, the Pacific solution and self-determination for East Timor - were decided with little or no discussion.

The Herald has learnt that Mr Howard, who was interviewed extensively for the four-part series, has explained candidly that he did not step aside for Peter Costello in 2006 because the vast majority of his party wanted him to stay.

An outrageous waste of taxpayers money. It's an obvious attempt by Evil Pagan Lefty ABC journalists to make Howard look like some kind of dictator for not bothering to consult with Cabinet on some of the most important decisions of his years in power.

Why won't the ABC just tell the truth - that the Howard Years were the best years in the life of any nation, in history, ever, anywhere, forever, amen?

Isn't it bad enough that Howard had to suffer the icy total humiliation of losing his seat to an ABC journalist in last year's election? Lefty, socialist, watermelon, Marxist, pagan, Whitlam worshipping, ABC brown shirterers are now devoting hours of prime time TV to letting Howard humiliate himself further in public. And you pay for it! Privatise The ABC!

It's amazing how easy it is to write like a thoroughly demented Boltoid.

Actually, 'The Howard Years' doco series sounds very illuminating :

On the Pacific solution, the former foreign minister, Alexander Downer, says the policy was formulated when he was asked by Mr Howard to "Go and find someone who will take [the asylum-seekers]". Mr Downer says that one of his staff members suggested Nauru, which was desperate for aid money.

The former deputy prime minister Tim Fischer reveals the same lack of consultation when Mr Howard decided to write to the then Indonesian president, B. J. Habibie, telling him Australia would be backing independence for East Timor. The letter "never went to cabinet," he says.

Similarly a former Howard chief of staff, Grahame Morris, says there was "no great discussion" about the GST because the prime minister was afraid of leaks.

Howard knew he couldn't trust most of those closest to him in political power. At all.