Sunday, June 08, 2008

Obama In Tune With Rudd's Non-Working Family Bias

Kevin Rudd is looking forward to the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America :

US Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has an acute understanding of the Asia Pacific region, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says. Senator Obama this week claimed victory in his long battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

Mr Rudd today said he believed Senator Obama had a "considerable understanding" of our part of the world.
So which is it, acute or considerable?
"Remember, he spent part of his time growing up in Indonesia," Mr Rudd told ABC radio.
He went to school in Indonesia for a few years.
"On his way back to the United States from time to time he would drop off in Sydney."
He changed planes in Sydney.

But of course Rudd likes Obama, they're singing from the same hymn book :
"...working families continue to bear the brunt of the failed Bush economic policies that John McCain wants to continue for another four years."
Obama has about as much interest in non-working families as Rudd. Unemployment is rising in the US and Australia. If the American dollar continues to tank, and helps push the price of oil even higher, there are going to be a lot more non-working families joining the crowded ranks of the occasionally-working families, the looking-for-work families and the it's-too-expensive-to-
get-to-work families.

In a coming-soon world of $200 a barrel oil and carbon taxes on just about everything, pitching only to "working families" will soon make you sound like some kind of elitist.