Monday, June 23, 2008

Australians Rock!

A fascinating new survey, Trends in Australian Public Opinion, sheds more light on why Australians dumped the parochial, paranoid, fear-mongering Howard government in last year's federal election. It also reveals just how out-of-touch Australia's tabloid media has become, with their hysterical campaigns against unions, the Greens, sex-on-TV and pro-big business agendas.

Some of the more interesting revelations :

* 10% of Australians want more nudity, more sex in movies and magazines.

* More Australians would have voted in favour of Bob Brown for PM than Peter Costello.

* Australians are becoming more and more supportive of increasing spending for social services, even if it means sacrificing tax cuts.

* In just one year, the proportion of Australians who think there is far too much nudity and sex in magazines in movies fell from 59% to 48%.

* Most Australians think big business has way too much power.

And we're supposed to believe that Australia is becoming a more conservative, anti-union, wealth-orientated nation?

Absolute twaddle.

The socially responsible, free-thinking Australia revealed by this survey is an Australia we should all be very, very proud of. We rock!