Friday, September 07, 2007

White House On The Chaser's Breaching Of Bush Security - 'We Are Not Amused'

While this story provides only the scantest of detail about the White House reaction to The Chaser's major breach of Australian police and American secret service security around President Bush's hotel, a Washington friend e-mailed to say that "the talk" over there in the corridors and coffee shops wasn't about whether or not the prank was funny, but was all about how in the hell Bush's SS team could have screwed up so monumentally.

When it comes to the president's security detail, "blaming the locals" just doesn't cut it.

The main and most obvious concern about the security breach being, "What if it wasn't a few cars full of comedians? What if it was three cars full of fertilizer, ammonia and a half a ton of nails and bolts?"

Here's the only comment so far from the White House :
Talk to the secret service.
Uh oh.

Here's White House spokesperson Dana Perino on the ultra-security caging Sydney :
“It’s unfortunate that security climates were as such, but, as soon as we get out of town, then Sydney will return to normal, hopefully,” Perino said.

The Chaser have now joined the growing blacklist of media persons and organisations distributed by the Howard government to police and security personnel.