Friday, September 07, 2007

Conservatives Cut Off Howard's Head

The Chant Begins, You Must Quit

The Bus Of Doom Is Coming For Howard

Nobody likes a loser. Well, some people do.

But not Australian conservatives and neocons (C & Ns). They hate losers and underperformers. It doesn't matter if they can't win a battle, they just don't want to lose completely, comprehensively, and suffer total humiliation.

And with John Howard still planning to lead the Liberal Party into a federal election that is likely to destroy them as a political entity of any great standing for perhaps an entire generation to come, the C & Ns - conservatives and neocons - are rallying their ranks across the media to turn up the heat on Howard to step aside. Before they make him.

For the C & Ns, who have successfully and comprehensively poisoned the Australian national character bedrock of a"Fair Go For All", the moment you stop delivering the goods, providing the payoffs and making them look successful, it's over. You're over.

They want you gone. Not tomorrow. Today. Yesterday. What the fuck are you still doing here, mate? We said "Get Lost!"

Today, John Howard is facing an impossible to ignore chorus of wailing and whining from the once-faithful and worshipful - Quit, hand over, disappear. Do It Now.

Andrew Bolt, of the Herald Sun, has devastated his blog faithful with this spiked boot kick right in the balls of the old man, shredding Howard for daring to appear on the deck of a cruiser on the harbour with George W. Bush. Even worse for Bolt, Howard is laughing. Howard is having a good time, while the C & Ns are suffering :
Could that Liberal genius estimate to nearest 10,000 exactly how many votes that image of a man in denial enjoying his privileges will cost the Government?

Case closed. Howard is not just finished, but punishing the Liberals with each extra day he clings on to power....he either doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

Wow. Harsh stuff. Today, Bolt predicts :

I’d say there’s a better than even chance John Howard steps down as early as next week.

The new prime minister, who should be Peter Costello, will have some 80 days to save the Liberals.

Botl then begins to dream of a brighter, Howard-free future.

The Australian's Janet Albrechtsen, after praising Howard for a few hundred words with lines like these :
Under Howard it became cool to be a conservative. He rebuilt a political philosophy of individual responsibility for a new generation. His legacy is profound...
...unloads the napalm :
But now he must go. The Howard factor is there. Where once it meant success, now it presages defeat.
Like Bolt, Albrechtsen is demanding Howard step aside, because no-one will tell him to bugger off. He must leave now and hand over the leadership to treasurer Peter Costello.

Few of the C & Ns really believe Costello can win the election, but they're praying that he will at very minimum stop the Liberal Party from being decimated like a crate of VB at a grand final barbecue.

The C & Ns are not just panicking. They're pissing their pants in fear. They're one more devastating poll away from looking for volunteers to load up a suicide vest and go give the prime minister an explosive hug goodbye.

But Howard should stay. He should stay and fight the election. And he should be beaten, fair and square. I think most Australians will have more respect for him if he loses the fight instead of ducking out the back door like a coward before the fists begin to fly.

Australians on the whole don't hate losers, unlike the miserable, unforgiving minority of C & Ns.

The vast majority of Australians respect anyone who's willing to have a go, even when defeat is obvious. But they don't have much respect for quitters. And no matter how many in the Murdoch dominated Australian media (70% of all newspapers) try and spin his departure as "going out while still at the top of his game", If Howard quits, the general public will shake their heads and mutter, "Shit, what a gutless bastard."

Howard has to stay, fight as hard as he can and then lose with grace and dignity if he wants to keep the respect that many Australians still clearly have for him.

But the C & Ns don't care about all that. They know this is End Game territory. They're terrified that come 2008 they will be the Australian equivalent of the American Republican Party - shattered by defeat, awash with scandal and infighting and coming apart at the seams in a grisly self-slaughter so appalling to watch that even die-hard enemies can no longer bare to look and have to turn away from the hideous spectacle.

If I was John Howard, I wouldn't be looking for the tap on the shoulder, as they say. I'd be watching out for the bus mounting the curb while out on a brisk morning walk.

John Howard has often mused that he could "go under a bus tomorrow" when asked by journalists if was considering stepping down.

If he doesn't quit in the next week or two, the C & Ns might decide to find a way to make that musing come true. Politically, or physically.

The C & Ns are not fucking around anymore. They're scared, they're desperate and they're utterly dangerous because they know they're just weeks away from losing it all.

That's why they've just scheduled John Howard for termination.