Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Canada's NeoCon-In-Chief Warns Australians On Voting John Howard Out Of Office

NeoCons just can't stop themselves from interfering in foreign elections.

Today, Canada's prime minister, Steven Harper, saw fit to blatantly warn Australians against daring to vote John Howard out of office. There will be repercussions, he said, and then played the terror card for all its worth :

Mr Harper, who regards Mr Howard as a political mentor for the new generation of conservative leaders around the world, warned voters against taking the strong economy for granted.

"It's more difficult than ever to make the right and sometimes very difficult policy choices. Because the wrong choices could unravel our progress and prosperity more quickly than many people would care to believe," he said.

Mr Harper said the two countries had become like strategic cousins.

Mr Harper said September 11, 2001 shook the world and six years on, horrific images from that morning still evoke anger, sorrow, and as intended terror.

"The buildings may have been American, but the targets were every one of us," Mr Harper said.

He said terror has struck again and again, in London, Madrid, India and many other places, including Bali.

"Both of our countries have been bloodied by terror and both of us are doing our part to confront and defeat it."

Prime ministers and presidents interfering in the elections of other countries, however subtly, is widely regarded in diplomatic circles as downright nasty and wrong. You simply don't do it.

But the NeoCons couldn't care less. They will do anything, and everything, to save the skin of a compatriot, particularly now when the people of the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and Europe have well and truly woken up to their poisonous agenda of fear-mongering and seeking political capital from the misery and destruction wrought by terrorism.