Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Malcolm Turnbull : Not As Much Fun As Brendan Nelson

Piers Akerman apologises for helping Malcolm Turnbull to the leadership of the Liberal Party :

As one who supported Malcolm Turnbull’s bid to oust Peter King in the electorate of Wentworth, and his subsequent deposing of former Opposition leader Brendan Nelson, I admit an error in judgment.

The Turnbull I admired then read widely, listened to argument and made up his mind on the evidence placed before him.


Now, Turnbull has joined Rudd and Wong and global warming tarts like Tim Flannery in denying the work and purpose of those who seek nothing but the truth....

Global Warming Tarts? I've had one of those. The woman behind the counter in the cake shop warned me they were bloody hot, but when I bit into one, I discovered it was actually quite cold.

The Ak :

After showing great promise, and being given great assistance...

Particularly by The Daily Telegraph, and The Australian.

....his political career is coming to a humiliating and inglorious close.

Who are you going to put the kiss of death on next, Piers?

@AlexHawkeMP better hope Akerman doesn't start praising him to the heavens, or he will never get to lead the Christian Liberal/Christian Greens Coalition of 2016.

This isn't widely known, but in the wake of the hilarious fuckapalooza of Godwin Gretch e-mails, Malcolm Turnbull was offered shocking, damning photographic evidence of KevinRuddPM's darkest secrets, but by then Turnbull was too scared of leaks to bring them before the public :