Thursday, December 10, 2009

Soft Porn For The Howard Huggers

Bob Hawke sure loved to dance. Get pissed and dance :

Bob Hawke had a stripper perform at his 80th birthday a few nights back. She burst out of a cake and disrobed, wearing a John Howard mask. This is a video of the same burlesque act from 2007, with added George W. Bush :

This is both extremely disturbing and curiously arousing, on far too many levels to contemplate without introspective fungus-based drugs.

Expect an eruption of indignant fury from the MoralOutrage! activists that the ABC would dare to embed such titillating, amusing filth on its news site.

If we want to see strippers and women rubbing themselves against each other on a news page, we got to, or in a pinch,

I'm going to watch it again a few times to make sure I'm sufficiently outraged before I get busy with my complaints about how the ABC is debasing Australian morality and society.

Does the performer also do this show in a Brendan Nelson mask? It's not me who wants to know...I'm just asking on behalf of a friend...

update : John Howard's response :

“I was certainly not offended.

“It was very gracious of Bob to invite me to his party, and I’m glad to know that after two years I still bug the Labor Party.”