Monday, May 11, 2009

"We Had Some Dedicated Rooters There Who Wanted To Test Out Their Ability To Toss A Root"

ABC journalist and author Leigh Sales, on Twitter, suspects the following local news story from regional Australia can't be for real, that it has to be fake.

City journos, always so suspicious and skeptical of non-city cultural events and local customs they've never heard of before.

"Wait a minute, you want me to stand in a bucket of pig shit for two minutes? Do all visitors to your pig farm have to do this?" "Yes, bloody oaf they do."

Perhaps Sales was suspicious of fakery simply because the throwers are called "rooters", and the local news team managed to squeeze the word "root" so many times into a brief story. For international readers, "root" was, and remains in some parts of Australia, a popular Australian slang term for "fuck". As in, "You wanna root?" and "Ahhhh, get rooted you drongo."

Mallee Root Throwing is real (enough), and is often used by locals in Australian towns where mallee roots are numerous to test the strength of visitors, particularly visitors from the "City".

World Championships, after the state finals of course, are held each year on Australia Day where the utes gather by the hundreds.