Friday, May 15, 2009

Finally From Howard's Pouty Lips, The Truth....

By Darryl Mason

John Howard reveals the cause of all that tension between himself and Peter Costello.
"Peter did not offer himself," Mr Howard said.
Unlike most of the Liberal Party, and Liberal Party supporters, Howard likes Malcolm Turnbull, a lot :
"Malcolm is very capable and I think he demonstrated last night..."
I'm not running the rest of that quote, you can read it here, it's too early in the morning for that kind of stuff.

Howard also likes Bob Hawke :
"The most talented person I faced..."
Again, too early, the rest of that quote is here, but you may need a strong coffee first.

Howard better not go too far with all this praise, someone might get jealous :

John Howard, the prime minister who lost his seat to a former host from ABC's 7.30 Report and Lateline (that still reads like an alternate reality joke from The Chaser, a very very funny one) is close to finishing his book. A rumour of a working title :
John Howard : How I Made Australia Grate
There will be many photos of John Howard with his favourite men.

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