Friday, May 22, 2009

Conservative T & A Heats Up Young Liberals

By Darryl Mason

This sultry sex bomb was once used, successfully, to recruit new male members to the Australian Young Liberals :

But this is 21st Century and the Young Liberals know Maggie doesn't have the chub factor she once did for Australian male conservatives. God knows why.

The Young Liberals' Tim Andrews understands that while Maggie is hot, she's just not hot enough to bring in the new recruits, and after hanging out at young Republicans piss-up-and-tits-out parties in Washington DC he decided it was time to see how a 'Hot Chicks Love Conservatives, No Really, They Do' recruitment drive might work in Australia. So he gathered together a collection of FaceBook Photos They May One Day Regret images of young Australian student female conservatives and libertarians under the title :
Why The Right Will Triumph in Australia: Hot Girls
Below is Tim Andrews with John Howard, who Dame Elizabeth Murdoch now calls The Man Who Destroyed The Liberal Party.

Here's Tim Andrews' explanation for why he ditched Margaret "You Look Like You've Done Something Naughty, Young Man, And You Have, Haven't You?" Thatcher and based his recruitment drive around female university Liberal Club students instead (excerpts) :

It is only natural for those of us on the conservative/libertarian side of the political fence to feel a bit glum at the moment. Big government everywhere seems on the rise. Here in Australia the fiscal vandalism of the Rudd Government is unparalleled in our history. Things seem bleak indeed.

However – there is reason for hope! For optimism! Definite proof that here in Australia we shall triumph!

How do I know this? Easy – the Babe Theory Of Politics. To put it simply – we have all the hot girls.

It's actually the Babe Theory Of Rock.

If guys rock up to a pub and find a young, unknown band carving away and see twenty girls steaming up the dance floor and going nuts for the band, some of these guys will leave raving about how awesome the band was and will return for the next gig and bring their mates along. This is why so many girls who look great, cheer louldy and like to dance find it so easy to get on the guest list at early gigs by unknown bands. The guys come because there are girls, then, hopefully, start liking what they hear, and a few more hardcore fans are born.

Tim Andrews' idea, presumably, is that lonely, young conservative males will see the photos and think, 'For the love of Howard! Look at all these babes, I'm signing up tomorrow!'

It'll probably work.

Andrews finishes his pitch for young conservative males to sign up with this :

I rest my case. Join the Liberal Students here.

(BTW: I know there are many other hot Liberal girls out there – so be ready for part 2!)

Some of the comments from his blog :
Gabe Says:
Tim, you are fucking disgusting.

Ross Grove Says:

On select occasions I have reason to call you a genius. This is one of them. Thank you for making the right sexy again.

Stephen Conroy Says:

The two Andrews have given this some attention today, Andrews. I wonder if Bolt really is as “shocked” as he makes out. I bet he beats off to these pics when YouPorn is down.

Tim Andrews Says:
You will be pleased to know that all persons featured on the page did agree to being published here (of course, not that it matters the photos being public domain and all).

Tim Andrews wanted to attract media attention with his 'Conservative Girls Are Hot' campaign and he has.

The Australian :
...there's still something really creepy about the whole thing.

Tim Andrews' Twitter response to The Australian :

Great idea. Burn the Murdoch media, fuckit, when did the Murdoch media ever do anything for the Liberal Party?

40-something Murdoch media column filler Tim Blair approves of photos of young female conservative students lying on their beds in high heels showing some leg :
conservatism is lookin’ good
Andrew Bolt doesn't disapprove, but who can be sure :
The young Liberals are in trouble if they think boasting about the hotness of their female officials is the best way to recruit. Or they’re not, perhaps.
A Blair & Bolt frequent commenter has a thought :

Apparently, Helen Coonan was on Sky News and she thought it was a bit of a laugh and said she wished she was young enough to make Tim Andrews' 'Hot Conservative Girls' list.

But boring, old school Australian conservatives are not impressed. Malcolm Turnbull refused to speak to the media about it, and NSW Liberal leader Barry O'Farrell said he found Tim Andrews' emergency recruitment drive "disappointing and unacceptable."

Pru Goward thinks it's damaging to the Liberal Party brand :

The former Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner Pru Goward says she is disappointed that photos of scantily clad Young Liberal women have been posted on a website in a bid to encourage more men to join the organisation.

Some are wearing bikinis, one is in suspenders and another is lying on a bed.

"I'm disappointed that he's misjudged the importance of a political party like ours that for so long has defended the dignity of men and women," (Pru Goward) said.

Maybe the Young Liberals should have stuck with safe, reliable old Maggie ....photoshopped into a bikini, of course.

UPDATE : Tim Andrews is officially sorry, and sooking a bit. One of his readers tells him to Man The Fuck Up. Well, tells him to be at least as manly as John Howard :
  1. Captain Whacky Says:

    Dry your eyes princess. Some rabid, pinko, back to the trees, enviro-femo nazis don’t like your post so you take it down?!?!?

    Man up for godsake. You have folded faster than superman on laundry day. “Oh noes! Thomeone dothen’t like what I pothted…oh noeth whateves thall I do?”

    You capitulated sonny-jim, What would Howard do? Hmmm? Hmmm? Did he carry on like a little girl with a skinned knee when people disagreed with him? No He took it on the jaw and said “Please sir may I have another”.

The Enviro Femo Nazis from the treetops claim another scalp.

Note : The photos of the student leaders and 'Hot Young Conservatives' have now been deleted from this post.