Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bolt : My Readers Are A Pack Of Homophobic Arseholes

Dingbat Andrew Bolt pretends he never knew that a fat slice of his blog's readership are bigoted fuckwads. He posts on the decision Victorian schools to allow students to take gay partners to the formal dance, and gets bombarded with slabs of bile and disgust :

Some of the people against this idea should be ashamed of the way they express their opinions in comments below. Any young gays reading this would be horrified and intimidated by such gleeful mockery and hatred. Could the worst offenders reconsider the way they’ve expressed themselves, and post a clarification or even, dare I hope, an apology?

Yes, I'm sure there are just oodles of young, gay Australian conservatives reading Bolt's blog everyday. You know, all those pro-war, pro-Howard, anti-gay marriage, anti-gay rights, young gay men.

Bolt's bulb is so dim he doesn't even realise his blog is now Australia's number one clearing house for bigotry and intolerance.

Perhaps Bolt should inform his commenters that various police agencies and ASIO data-mine his site and build profiles of his most regular, hate-filled commenters. Unless, of course, Bolt is trying to draw them out. Nobody is anonymous on the internet anymore, as Orwellian as that is.

When the big push begins in Australia to force blogs to only publish comments by registered readers ('licensed' readers is probably closer to the mark), and the push will begin this year, comments found on Bolt's blog will be part of the 'Look At All This Filth And Hatred' marketing campaign by politicians to get it done.

UPDATE - Some examples of the Bolt Readers Revolt, and the downright revolting :

"...openly allowing it certainly runs the risk of pedophiles lurking."

"Good God, Andrew, I know you’re agnostic, but you’ve lost your marbles

"If you are born gay then you must also be born a paedophile."

"It is honorable of you to defend homosexuality because you have gay friends. How about defending the rights of others to reject it?"

"What about those boys who have meaningful desire for animals or prefer polygamous relationships? Why does homosexuality convey a superior moral stance
over bestiality, polygamy, necrophilia or polyamorism?"

"Andrew Bolt, you have clearly lost the plot on this one. No ‘conservative’ should ever encourage such a destructive assault against traditional, mainstream values. I cannot believe you have supported something as ill conceived as this in the name of ‘tolerance.’"

"If you honestly believe that such garbage should be allowed, you are about as far removed from any genuine conservative cause as the ‘progressives’ who openly proclaim their desire to dismantle our mainstream culture. Why Mr Bolt has sided with them on this one I cannot fathom."

"If homosexuality is quite acceptable, why isn’t people having sex with children, their siblings, their father, their mother or animals acceptable? From what or where do you derive your moral baseline?"

"Gotta laugh at the way the media keep on and on about these extreme minority perversions. “If we keep repeating it over and over people will start to think it is normal and acceptable”. How about a new slogan Andrew “Homosexual - so normal everybody should be one”. Could work for the incestuous couple too."

"...for someone who is supposedly a right wing conservative, it doesn’t make much sense to push the left’s agenda of forcing beliefs upon those who do not agree. Tolerance also means you respect the beliefs of those who are less inclusive."

" what is your position on other relationships like paedophiles with consenting children, mutually consenting bestiality and consenting incestuous couples? Is it the same?"

Mutually consenting bestiality, eh? Rightio!

"The eventual outcome is obvious, they wish to be seen as “normal”. Well I can tell them right now they are not, and never will be."

"Well i think kids that grow up in a gay relationship is wrong on the kids ,how can you subject the kids to something like that its not normal and its not right but then again krudd is leading by example with gays in government making decisions for families."

"We do not do our young people any service by approving and encouraging a sexually immoral lifestyle, any more than we help our young people by encouraging their passions for alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling and violence. We should be helping our young people to live in a way that is healthy and fulfilling."

It'd be fascinating to find out how many of these supposedly hardcore conservatives would drop their support for the Liberal Party if they learned that the ranks of Howard's government, and the current opposition, is dotted with homosexuals and bisexuals.