Thursday, April 17, 2008

Anti-Bogan Revolt

Residents in a Sydney suburb aren't too happy with the name of their street, Bogan Place, and they want it changed :

Tired of being smeared because of their address, 12 of the street's 16 residents have banded together to beg their council for a name change.

"The connotations associated with the word bogan are becoming increasingly ruder," resident Jim Patrick, a computer technician who works from home, said.

"When I give people my business card the reactions are amazing. People hit me and tell me I cannot be serious."

Self-confessed bogan, mayor Nick Ebbeck, said it was the first time the council had been asked to rename a street because it was offensive.

Mr Ebbeck said the constant theft of the sign was a drain on council coffers.

"It costs $500 per sign to replace including the labour and the template and it's not like they're mass producing Bogan Place. We are losing this one on a near monthly basis. It's unbelievable."

The residents of Bogan Street, Seven Hills are yet to petition their council for a name change. Nor have the residents of an entire NSW suburb called, wow, BOGAN GATE raised a fuss.

How's this for an address :

Bogan Gate Public School, Bogan St, Bogan Gate, NSW.

Nor are the residents of Bogan Place, Kaleen, ACT, or Bogan Street, Bogan Lane, Bogan Close, Bogan Road, all over Australia, demanding their streets be renamed. Though it appears Bogan dwellers in other states and territories also have to put up with the disappearance of their street signs.

I always thought Bongalong Road was the most stolen street sign in Australia.

The activist residents of Bogan Place, Wahroonga, should come clean about why they want the name change.

What do they Bogan Place renamed as?

Rain Forest Close.


Very likely because some local real estate agent has told them their properties are worth more if they have a 'leafy' street name.