Friday, January 12, 2007

Is This Australia's Sexiest Woman?

Come November, Deputy Leader of the Australian Government, Julia Gillard.

Poll Shock : Kidman Out, Gillard In

Possible Future Prime Minister = Absolute Hornbag

FHM Magazine
runs one of the more popular, and well read, 'Australia's Sexiest Women' polls.

This year, Nicole Kidman didn't even make the cotender list, but the deputy leader of "alternative government" is up there in the rankings.

Could it be true? Is Julia Gillard Australia's Sexiest Woman?

Considering the absolute multitudes of brilliant, beautiful, funny and talented women in Australia, she might have some trouble making the Top Five. Competition is fierce.

But, voting is still open.

Gillard is the rising star of Australian politics, and the old-school, pigheaded blokeworld ministers of the Howard government are clearly troubled every time they have to face her in parliment. She takes no prisoners, and she can be funny as hell.

And Julia Gillard has a better shot than most of the current crop of parlimenarians at becoming a future prime minister of Australia.

Can't wait.

From the Sydney Morning Herald :

While Ms Gillard made a list of 87 contenders for FHM magazine's "50 Sexiest Aussie Babes" survey, another well-known redhead Nicole Kidman missed out.

The list of contenders includes the usual array of soap stars and supermodels.

But convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby makes the cut along with fellow one-time Bali prison inmate Michelle Leslie.

Kidman might have been excluded, but Australians on the list with a Hollywood profile are represented by Naomi Watts and Toni Collette.

FHM deputy editor Ben Smithurst said: "Australia has the most beautiful women in the world, as well as the most talented."

Gillard Makes Top 50 List Of Australia's Sexiest Women