Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Enemy Within?

Australian Air Force Man Charged With Possessing Explosives And "Homemade" Bombs

He worked as an engineer with the Australian Air Force. He had access to jet fighters, including the F/A-18 Hornet. He also happened to keep a personal stash of high-powered explosives, detonators and "homemade devices" - presumably bombs.

But don't worry. Police don't think he has any connection to 'terrorism'. Does this mean the man is a white Christian?

From the Daily Telegraph (excerpts) :
His arrest follows the discovery of more than 5kgs of Power Gel explosive found by transport company employees in a car at Toll Transport’s Autologistics vehicle yard on Robert Rd, Greenacre, on Tuesday of last week.

The aqua-green Ford EA Falcon had had been transport to the centre from Queensland as part of the RAAF employee’s move interstate.

On Tuesday this week, the day after police arrested the man, they intercepted a removalist truck near Newcastle and recovered a large locked box that contained a couple of detonators and home-made devices, as well as old firearms.

The Australian Army is believed to be examining the devices, believed to be makeshift explosives.

All this follows recent shocking revelations that rocket launchers capable of taking out a tank had been stolen an Australian Army base, and are believed to have been sold on to suspected terrorists.

At least seven of the rocket launchers are still missing.

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