Friday, January 19, 2007

Australia In The Sights Of Hysterical, Hate-Filled Extremists

According to Michelle Malkin's blog, this photo shows "the Moslems who rioted on Cronulla Beach".

By Darryl Mason

Right wing extremists in the United States, prone to calls for violence, have decided Australia is the new battleground in their lunatic-fringe war against all things Islam.

Clearly bored with the fact that good policing, improved intelligence gathering and calm, measured responses by the majority of Americans to the threat of terrorism have all helped prevent any more attacks since September 11, 2001, these hysterical hatefreaks are now fury-posting their clearly unhinged fantasy-world screeching that Australia is about to be over-run by Islamist hordes.

No delusion is beyond them. Even when there is clear video and photographic evidence to prove they don't know what they're talking about.

The best example is this post on Michelle Malkin's blog.

Her site is visited by more than 150,000 keyboard wannabe-warriors every day. That such a complete fabrication about such a famous event can be posted on such a widely read site, and left uncorrected for days, is a huge black mark against her credibility.

Particularly when you consider that she prides herself on hammering news agencies like the Associated Press for even the slightest error in its hundreds of daily news reports.

The Michelle Malkin site fabrication? Well, there's actually two huge ones :
(Sheik) Hilaly is "the leader of the majority of the Muslim community in Australia," a frightening thought indeed: if the Moslems who rioted on Cronulla Beach a year ago look to Hilaly as a great "leader," then heaven help Oz.
Sheik Hilaly is not the leader of "the majority of the Muslim community in Australia" anymore than nutbag Pat Robertson is the majority leader of the Christian community in the United States.

But it's the mindblowing fabrication about the Cronulla riots in December, 2005, that will do the most damage, seeing as it has, and will continue to be, picked up by dozens more extremist sites reaching millions of young Americans.
"....the Moslems who rioted on Cronlla Beach..."
All you have to do is Google 'Cronulla riots" Images to find hundreds of photographs and reams of video which all clearly show that Muslims were not the ones rioting on Cronulla Beach.

Thousands of young Australians, fed free booze and egged on by the bizarre rantings of pissed-up thugs and Neo-Nazis (after a week of calls-to-arms by talkback radio hosts who count the prime minister as a close friend), disgraced our nation when they chased down and beat up any person on or near Cronulla Beach that happened to have brown, or even slightly dark, skin.

One Muslim man was attacked while sitting inside a train carriage by dozens of white Australians clearly determined to kill him. They had to be beaten back by police. These coppers, who placed their own lives at risk, were abused and spat on by the utterly white rioters.

Women, too, were spat on, hit by beer cans, punched, kicked and had handfuls of their hair torn out in the full-blown race riot.

Two young backpackers from India and Pakistan happened to be in a side street. They were chased into their car, which was then smashed up, as thugs tried to break the windows to get at them.

Police, paramedics and emergency workers who tried to rescue those about to lynched were also punched, kicked, abused, spat on and injured by a rain of beer cans, bottles and broken bricks and rocks.

You have to be one seriously demented Islamophobe to look at even a fraction of the evidence and deduce that it was "Moslems who rioted".

But then, why let facts get in the way of a good hate-motivated beat-up?

Australians don't need any association with these demented American extremist loons. And we certainly don't need them to tell us what we should be doing in our country.

We are taking care of our problems, and those who call for violent jihad are being ostracised by other Muslims and, where possible, are being prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We've contacted Michelle Malkin to point out these errors on her site, and her response was that she had been in Iraq and had not looked into the appalling errors of fact.

We'll let you know if, or when, the errors are corrected.

But perhaps even more disturbing than hate-orientated revisionism
of one of the darkest days in modern Australia, is this spectacularly disgusting filth from Little Green Footballs.

Little Green Footballs is another site, visited every day by hundreds of thousands of young Americans, and thousands of Australians, that has now decided Australia must be defended from the 300,000 Muslims who live peacefully in our country and contribute enormously to our culture, economy, politics and general harmony within in our communities.

What is so damn creepy about Little Green Footballs is it doesn't zero in on just Muslim extremists in Australia, it is now attacking anything to do with Islam in Australia, again falsely and hysterically claiming that Australians are threatened by Islam and are widely opposed to Muslims in general.

Nothing is too trivial for the LGF legion to attack and foul with misinformed rantings on the comments boards.

Nothing. Even including, perhaps not surprisingly, the widely praised fashion mini-revolution that is the Birkini.

If these people think that a two piece swimsuit that has won praise from the Australian Cancer Council is a sign of the downfall of Australian society, they are perhaps already far beyond help.

According to the mindset of most LFGers, a liberated modern Australian woman must not protect herself against skin cancer and sunburn, and she must not choose to cover her body if so she wishes. Hell, no. Exercising that kind of freedom of choice means they are being oppressed.

To be truly free, if you think like most of the LGFers, then Liberated Australian Woman must get her tits out for the boys.

Clearly, some of these freaks have watched too many Girls Gone Wild videos and think the world, and Australia in particular, would be vastly improved by more drunk women degrading themselves in public.

Below you will find a handful of examples of the LGFers disturbing hatred of women and general intolerance.

Consider, too, that all of this demented bile was ignited by a photo of a young woman in a birkini and a story about her fashion designing dreams :

"...what next - Beachside beheadings?"

"why dont muslims try not being 7th century pigs?"

"Excuse me, does this bomb belt make me look Fatwa?"

"Perhaps the sharks can administer a few Darwinian Bitchslap"

"Maybe use them as decoys to distract the Great Whites from eating bikini girls"

"Give me a break. All the Muslims want to do is intimidate the other beach goers."

"Is there anything unclean in the ocean that would require it being cleansed before a scuzlim went in the water?"

"Why the hell did anyone think it was a good idea to let these vermon into our countries?"

"This is simply catering to those who want to kill us all."

"A sinister Christian/Zionist plot to dress Muslim women up as shark food and speed up the evolutionary process."

"The sight a woman draped head to heel in a black sack is calculated insult to Western values by 10th century retards who imagine their infernal religion is unstoppable and irresistible."

"'s always nice to know the jihadettes are fashion conscious."

"Not even the sharks will want them."

"... it is an attack on our way of life..."

"There is something better: covering up Arab men, the ugliest-looking goat fuckers on the planet."

"...this awfulness of a burkhini maximizes attention; it's positively brazen and militant..."

Militant swimwear, eh?

LGFers clearly know absolutely nothing about Australian women.

While there are no doubt a tiny minority of Muslim, Christian and Hindu women still being oppressed by the religious dictates of their parents, relatives or husbands, the vast majority of Australian women are clearly in control of the choices they make when it comes to lifestyles and fashion.

Australian women take no shit, from nobody. That's why we love them so much.

But LGF and MM wouldn't report that, of course. Too many truths that would expose the lies of their paranoid fantasy world dreaming about the Islam-oppressed Australia that simply doesn't exist, in what we call Reality.

NOTE : These stories are being covered by this site because they involve distortions about Australian history and Australian society by American extremists.

You can rest assured that now these whackjobs have sunk their fangs into Australia as a subject, they won't let go.

So we will continue to demolish their propaganda.

The Definitive Account Of The Cronulla Riots


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