Thursday, May 01, 2014

Paul Woseen's 'Bombido' And His Attack On The Angels Over Doc Neeson

By Darryl Mason

The Screaming Jets Paul Woseen is grabbing some attention for his debut acoustic album 'Bombido', released on my label Misty Mountains Music, and available here. Sadly, he's also grabbed a few headlines for attacking The Angels, who are now fronted by The Screaming Jets lead singer Dave Gleeson.

First the piece on 'Bombido', by Danielle McGrane for AAP:
It took just 12 hours for The Screaming Jets bassist Paul Woseen to record his solo album Bombido.
"Pretty much every song on that (Bombido) is one take, the first take," he says.

Woseen did some metaphorical time travelling to achieve what he wanted with the album, which comprises new solo tracks alongside hits he wrote for the Jets.

"I did it the way I wanted to do it, I had in my mind of how they used to do singer/songwriter records `60s/'70s style - come in, sit down, play the songs, record it and that would be it - and that's just how I approached it," he says.

"I recorded it in two six-hour blocks."

The Screaming Jets fans who have come to check out Woseen's shows have been surprised by Woseen's voice.
"They don't expect it (the voice) to come out of the head they're looking at ... such a rough head," he says.

"Singing and sitting around writing songs is a pretty good way to earn a living," he says
It's every musician's dream.

You can hear an exclusive short preview of Paul Woseen's 'Bombido' album here:

 Woseen is also attracting mainstream media attention for diving headfirst into a horrible pile-on over over Doc Neeson's serious illness, and how members of The Angels, the band that made Neeson famous, and are now fronted by Woseen's friend Dave Gleeson, have supposedly had 'no contact' with Neeson since he was diagnosed with cancer, after The Angels parted in 2011 and then formed two separate line-ups in recent years.
The Doc Neeson line-up, 'The Angels 100%', announced their 2013 tour after 'The Angels with Dave Gleeson' had a solid run of sold-out shows and scored huge gigs on the Day On The Green tour.

But Neeson's 'The Angels 100%' had to cancel their tour in early 2013, which would have seen the two line-ups of The Angels in the same cities in the same weeks, after Neeson was diagnosed with brain cancer.

I've been told there has been contact between the The Angels founding members, Rick and John Brewster, and Doc Neeson, but because the Brewsters haven't been public about the contact, and because they chose not to take part in the recent Australian Story episode on Doc Neeson, they've been absolutely slammed on social media, and elsewhere, by people who don't know what's really going on.

People like Paul Woseen:

It's all very unfortunate, and ugly, and the Brewsters will hopefully clear the air soon by talking to the media. It's just wrong that they have to do so.

Some background:

As any old fan of The Angels know, Rick and John Brewster formed the earliest line-up of The Angels with Doc Neeson in 1974, and they then played thousands of shows, and recorded more than 14 studio and live albums together, before Doc announced he had to leave The Angels in 2000, due to a back injury.

They reunited for a tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their mega-multi-platinum Face To Face album in 2008, and split again in 2011, when Doc Neeson decided he didn't want to record another album with the band, and pursued a solo career instead. A dispute over who owned the name of the band then erupted. Again.

Original members Rick and John Brewster and bassist Chris Bailey (who died of cancer last year) brought in The Screaming Jets singer Dave Gleeson and recorded the Take It To The Streets album, toured, and released a second album with the new line-up, Talk The Talk, earlier this year.

So, yeah, the bassist of The Screaming Jets, Paul Woseen, is attacking members of The Angels, who are now fronted by his long-time friend and bandmate, The Screaming Jets' vocalist Dave Gleeson.

Rock n' roll can get pretty stupid and ugly sometimes.

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