Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Murdoch Media Not Pro-Murdoch Claims Murdoch Editor

Nick Cater, senior editor at The Australian, went on ABC's QandA panel last night and made hilarious claim about Rupert Murdoch's The Australian:
"...some may think the editorial judgement may be affected by the company's commercial interest. In my 24 years at (Murdoch newspapers) that was never the case."
He's saying Murdoch's The Australian has never let the commercial interests of Murdoch's NewsCorp (formerly News Limited) impact on the stories its editors publish, or the editorial line taken when publishing stories.

No, that would never happen.

Not once in the past 24 years, according to Nick Cater.

Here's just two examples of The Australian crowding its front pages with 'editorial judgements' that clearly push and promote pro-Murdoch commercial interests, or strike back against those that don't.

An absurd hyping of Murdoch media's new business model from a few years ago, while they were also firing hundreds of journalists and staff:

And the absolute bitterness of The Australian on clear display when Murdoch co-owned Foxtel didn't win a $250 million government contract for the Australia Network: 

Nope, no pushing of, or defending, Murdoch's commercial interests there. None at all.

Nick Cater said so.

How he managed to make that claim without giggling, or blushing, is remarkable.

Must be those decades of working for Rupert Murdoch.

And to further his claims that the Murdoch media are not biased, Nick Cater took a moment in the same QandA episode to threaten a Labor politician with "war" :

image via @KieraGorden