Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Brisbane Is Being Evacuated

"I'm So Glad I Parked Out The Front Today"

Floodwaters are now entering Brisbane's CBD, and according to locals on Twitter, are rising rapidly.

More than 32 suburbs of Brisbane are now being inundated, office buildings in the city are being evacuated, roads are filling rapidly, with both cars and floodwaters. Some evacuation centres are also reportedly under water. At 1.30m, the emergency message to the people of Brisbane was to stay in their homes, off the roads, until they hear announcement that their suburb is being evacuated.

ABC News : City Under Siege

Incredible. Traffic cam of flooding on Ipswitch Highway :

update : just found out the above is mostly roadworks.

Some evacuating Brisbane are driving on clogged roads that are now also starting to flood.

The biggest king tides of the year are expected to sweep into the Brisbane River tonight.

The worst of the Brisbane City flooding is not expected to peak until tomorrow afternoon.

More footage from the Toowoomba flash flood yesterday, that may have claimed the lives of more than 6 people.

When you hear people on radio describe floodwaters that rose a metre in a handful of seconds, it's hard to imagine what that must be like to see.

Imagine no more.

Watch the white car hit the bridge at 3:00, get sucked under and shot out the other side.