Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fielding : 1 In 2 Australians Afraid To Go Out At Night, Terrified Of Drunk Women Vomiting On Themselves

I had no idea the Blink Drinking culture in Australia was so completely out of hand. Senator Steve Fielding brings us up to date :
Australia has become a nation held to ransom by binge drinking with one in two Australians too frightened to go out on the streets at night.

Haven’t we all had enough of drunken yobbos taunting people walking by, of young women lying sprawled on the street with vomit down their party dresses and groups of grog-fuelled men wandering our streets looking for a fight? many Australians enjoy a drink responsibly for too many having a drink means getting blink drunk.

Our drinking to get drunk culture is destorying this country."

The destoryuction must be stopped.

(via @ScottBridges)