Tuesday, July 08, 2008

They Used To Walk For Weeks To Get To These Parties

It's going to take a Miracle to fix the huge problems facing Sydney rail commuters later this week when about a hundred thousand visitors try to get on board already armpit-eyeball stuffed train carriages. A Miracle.

Luckily, the Pope is coming to town.

Will Jesus be a surprise (or perhaps not surprising) guest at PopeFest?

The local archbishop has just his PopeStock ruined, as many victims of instituionalised abuse in the Catholic Church now wait for The Pope to apologize for the hundred-odd priests who've been busted abusing children while serving the Lord, let alone the many more priests who have never had to pay for their crimes. You can only hope there really is a very biblical flaming hell for those bastards.

Perhaps The Pope can organise something special, after he apologises, and then sets about finally trying to right some of those demonic abuses against children.