Monday, July 21, 2008

Labor's Lovetown

An interesting example of Positive Comments Culling on the official ALP web page devoted to global warming. Presumably they're all real, but there is an undeniable flavour of the suspiciously fawning testimonials usually found on Improve Your BrainPower With BrainBooster Scalp Cream type websites. Every single comment appears to support the Rudd government's plans for carbon tax and clean energy, with not a glimpse of criticism :

"I am moved to express my support for the Labor government's position on emissions trading... thank god we finally have a government with the guts and foresight to take the task in hand."

"I continue to feel reassured that our country is taking a better direction in many ways."

"I would also like to see the environmental ministers travel overseas and see what is being done in renewable energy and efficient transportation and car production around the world."

"We cannot sustain the status quo for much longer and, if the children of this world are to have a future, we must be the ones to lead the way."

I think cutting CO2 pollution is fantastic, but those countries that don't do their bit should be penalised. Any imports into Australia from countries not being responsible should attract higher import tariffs or import restrictions. Further, more any major new developments must commit to using renewable energy sources."

"As a blessed country which enjoys a high standard of living, education, freedom, resources and morals, it is incumbent upon us to lead the race to viable and sustainable energy production and consumption. I urge the government to continue the action and the promise demonstrated to date. Good on you."

"Please stay strong in regard to climate change. We expect it to be difficult and we expect it to cost - but it must be done. No special exemptions from carbon trading and no lack of resolve in the face of inevitable opposition from the Opposition."

"I think your push for a greener planet is to be commended!"

"Please make climate change the government's focus, with a concerted program to replace our domestic use of fossil fuel and our dependence on fossil fuel exports with new-era energy sources and systems. The price of fuel is a diversion. Sure it affects 'working families', but not as much as the collapse of our economy will."
They must some of the 3 out of 4 Australians who now support the Rudd government's plans to wind back emissions, and would also appear to support the introduction of the carbon tax.

The Greens won.