Saturday, March 08, 2008

Andrew Bolt : Clap Loudly Enough And Prime Minister Rudd Will Overlook Your Pedophile Problem

UPDATE : As of 3.27pm Saturday afternoon, Andrew Bolt has apparently pulled his story 'PNG Applauds Rudd's Easy Cash', which is quoted below, from his blog site at the Herald Sun. That's why the links below, at the time of posting, go an empty page. But you can see the full piece that Bolt has disappeared at the bottom of this post.

I think this is the third or fourth blog post Bolt has tried to delete in the past 12 months, after he has been called to account for his statements and claims by The Orstrahyun.


Murdoch star hack Andrew Bolt slips back into his creepy old Howard-era dementoid mindset for some light hysteria on prime minister Kevin Rudd and Australia's hopefully more positive relationship with Papua New Guinea :’d think that strained relationship was all due to Howard being mean, instead of PNG being notoriously corrupt and also hiding an (sic) pedophile now facing trial in Australia...

Yes, forget about all those thousands of pistols and shotguns collected in Australia during John Howard's post-Port Arthur Massacre buy-up that somehow, miraculously, escaped the crushers and re-appeared in PNG highlands, where gun-violence is rising.

There’s nothing that PNG can’t overlook if the price is right, claims Bolt.

Rudd has decided to ramp up funding to PNG presumably in the belief that they might be able to better tackle their horrific AIDS problem. With the highest rate of HIV in the Pacific, Rudd is handing over $13 in extra funding to deal with the crisis. Overall, Rudd has increased Australia's aid contribution to PNG by $25 million.

Bolt appears to be neither proud nor glad that Australia is helping to fund anti-AIDS programs for the people of one of our poorest neighbours. What?

Bolt concludes that there is :

...nothing Rudd won’t overlook if the applause is loud enough.


Obviously Bolt is not talking about Rudd overlooking the AIDS epidemic in PNG, because he's just quoted a positive story where Rudd has increased funding, so Bolt must be talking about the child sex abuse case against Julian Moti, which he refers to earlier.

What a scoop!

Being such a credible, well researched and thoroughly sourced journalist, unlike the legions of Evil Lefties at the ABC and The Age, Bolt must be sitting on one hell of a story seeing as he is trying to link Rudd to covering up, or "overlooking" at the very least, pedophile-related crimes in Papua New Guinea.

Of course when challenged on these claims at his blog, Bolt will retreat to his usual cowardly ambiguity on what he really means, or he will claim he never meant anything at all, and readers are projecting.

It's becoming a tired, downright pathetic Bolt ruse to stir up his regular commentors, the Evil Lefties anyway, who will then be accused of trying to smear Bolt or of simply being paranoid.

You will need to challenge Bolt on this, if you think it necessary, because he's banned me from commenting. Mostly because of blog posts like this.

Bolt is losing it.

Here is the full copy of the 'PNG Applauds Rudd's Easy Cash' smear job by Andrew Bolt that he has deleted (for now) from his blog. Click the screengrab for a larger version :

I've emailed Bolt to find out why he has deleted this post, but I don't expect to hear back from him any time soon. I've offered to include his right of reply on this in a further update.

UPDATE : The deleted Bolt blog post can also be viewed at Google Cache.

UPDATE : Half an hour after I emailed Bolt for an explanation on why he deleted the above post, it reappears on the site. Bolt's explanation?
Sorry for taking this post off line for a few hours. Pure accident.