Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This Is News, Apparently

News.com.au readers are less than impressed, and know they are being fed garbage news :
"Corey has been on news.com.au everyday for the past 2weeks. your site has lost a lot of my respect.

"Please stop reporting on this nobody!!!! Nobody cares about him. Everybody is sick of him. If you did not report stories about him nobody would be sitting around wondering what Corey is up to. He is a retarded phenomena created by a media with nothing to report and elevated to fame by a poor A Current Affair presenter who has no interviewing skills whatsoever."

"Why not put him on Wikipedia and have articles on him everyday? Your agenda is clear - to steer us away from the real news and news behind the news that affects our daily lives."

"Why would you need to still be putting this LOSER in the news. Thought we had seen the last of this jerk. Media must be hard up for news stories.

"...look how far we have come. NEWS.COM.AU should hang your heads in shame at still reporting on this kid."

"Someone was awake at 2:00am writing this "news" article?"