Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How 'Sorry' Could Lead To Civil War In Australia....If You're One Of Bolt's Brethren

Australia's King Of Conspiracy, Andrew Bolt, has been hyping his brethren for weeks now about tomorrow's official 'Sorry' to the Aboriginal people for the forced removal of their children over six decades.

Andrew Bolt sees a dark conspiracy about an official 'Sorry', as he doesn't believe there are enough "genuinely stolen" Aborigines, if any at all, still alive worthy of being apologised to.

'Sorry' Day, according to Bolt, is "celebrating a lie."

Feel the empathy.

Bolt seems genuinely, and rantingly, disturbed at the idea of Aborigines receiving any kind of apology at all. Ever. For anything. It's all a dark Evil Lefty-Greenie-Commie conspiracy to make white Australians feel ashamed of how white Australians treated Aboriginals..

Today, you can almost hear Bolt's brain snapping a few more strands of sanity as he gags on the suggestion that schools fly an Aboriginal flag on Wednesday morning, and allow students to watch the ceremony on TV :
The NSW Government is stealing children - or at least their minds...
Stealing minds, eh Mr Bolt? Will you the spokesman for the "stolen minds" generation?

Bolt handily gives the impression that schools will be forced by Ruddler to fly Aboriginal flags and children will be herded at gunpoint before TV screens for an indoctrination session. He doesn't bother to tell his legion any involvement by public schools in 'Sorry' ceremonies is voluntary and students don't have to take part if they don't want to.

Unlike the millions of Australian children, over generations, who were forced to sing 'God Save The Queen' at school, under the threat of a solid canning, and were taught that the best thing that ever happened to the world was the British empire, no questions or dissent allowed.

Bolt is building himself a whole stable of conspiracies now - climate change is all hype, global warming is a way to make people pay more taxes, Evil Lefties want American and Australian soldiers to die in Iraq, Kevin Rudd is probably Satan, the economy will decay solely thanks to Lefty-Green-Aboriginal Socialism, Barack Obama will only become US president because he is black - all of which his dedicated followers soak up as hungrily as any newbie 9/11 Truther.

Bolt's Truthers now believe that saying 'Sorry,' flying an Aboriginal flag at a school for one day and encouraging students to watch an historical event and parlimentary ceremony will destroy the nation as we know it and lead to an Aboriginal Vs Whitey civil war, backed by Evil Lefties, Green Nazis and Communists.

Of course, Bolt himself doesn't bother to discourage his brethren from believing they may soon be at war with Aborigines in the streets of their hometowns.

The ranting, the paranoia, the gnashing goes on and on :
"Rudd and co., the activists etc. wont be happy until Australia has a civil war under way I
feel. And our own modern day Che Guevara to boot."

"Stephen Hawke interviewed by the Hills Gazette in WA calls the aboriginies who attacked settlers in the nations early days “guerilla fighters” so its not difficult to see what is in the wind."

"Aboriginies in Adelaide have threatened to “rise up” if the government attempts to remove their aboriginal “embassy” as it is relocated to a more visible site. Now that Rudd and co. have gained government all bets are off "

"All decent Australians should fly the national flag upside down as a sign of distress..."

"...how much of the billions in “compensation” may be perhaps used to continue the
guerilla fight against mainstream Australians which seems to be the prevailing trend at the moment as “Sorry” and “Guilt of the Nation” day fast approaches."

"Parents should consider taking legal action against the moronic schools who will participate in this circus - this is nothing more than brain washing..."

"Can our Australia, after enduring 3 years of this terrifying form of manipulation and indoctrination, actually be salvaged or will it be “game over?”

"They are trying to breed conservatism out and may very well succeed. What brainwashing doesn’t achieve, censorship will."

"The indoctrination is already well in place. I tried to reason with my two teenage daughters about this issue last night and I was howled down with a litany of “stolen generation” propaganda."

"It looks like a scene out of the movie 1984. The next step in this process is to set up the thought police."

"...neo-pagan aboriginal worship."

"While driving to work this morning listening to the ABC’s Radio Communist I mean National..."

"History is being rewritten in front of our eyes. No different to Trotsky and others being airbrushed out of later Soviet pictures."

"...this is how nazi germany started....goebels couldn’t have done any better."

"I have always wondered how on earth Hitler swept people into marching, singing and following him blindly. Now I can see it happening in front of my eyes. I also can see how moderate, thinking people have no weapon against mass-hysteria."

"Just as in Nazi Germany where Hitler’s zealots attacked any who warned them of the error of their ways & the negative consequences upon their own nation. Is it not interesting how these brain dead individuals attack the very people who despair & care about where our nation is heading."

Yes, saying 'Sorry' to the Aboriginal people is a lot like the formation of Nazi Germany. Who can't see that? Nurse, medication.

Perhaps Bolt is looking forward to the dark conspiracies he has seeded amongst his followers actually coming true?

Then, at least, he could claim he was right, on something.