Thursday, July 05, 2007

There's Bullying, And Then There's Burying

A series of savage and cruel assaults were allegedly inflicted on a 13 year old Perth boy through more than six hours of brutality at the hands of five other boys aged 12 to 14.

Police and a prosecutor claim the 13 year old was subjected to painful "wedgies" and then hung from a tree by his underpants. He was also punched, whipped and "prodded" with a plank of wood bearing exposed nails.

The other boys smeared his lunch across his face and clothes and pissed in his lunchbox. One boy allegedly dug a grave and the 13 year old was told to lie down in it. Other boys are said to have then shoveled dirt in on top of him.

The 13 year was forced to crawl around like a dog while the boys verbally abused him. He was allegedly threatened with an ax. Not surprisingly, the 13 year old was so terrified he wet his pants and was said to have cried and screamed throughout the horror :

Five boys, ranging in age from 12 to 14, have each been charged with deprivation of liberty, threatening to kill, and assault occasioning bodily harm after the "horrendous" attack at a government high school in the Perth hills last week, Perth Children's Court has been told.

The victim and his alleged attackers are all Year 8 students.

The alleged ringleader's mother told reporters her son was a sweet child and that she had lost faith in the justice system.

Aren't they always?