Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Tony Abbott Attacks Australians For Demanding The Very Best From Their Politicians

It's almost enough to make you cry. Almost.

The federal health minister, Tony Abbott, claims to be absolutely perplexed as to why his government is doing so poorly in poll after poll when they have done so much for Australians, and asked for so little in return. Aaawww :

The Health Minister told the Sydney Institute he was confused that the Government risked being deprived "of the usual reward for being good at its job".

"There is no conclusive explanation for the Government's poor run in the opinion polls..."
Oh, but there are conclusive explanations, Tony, and plenty of them.

Most Australians don't trust prime minister Howard, nor do they trust most of the government front benchers, like you. Not only do they no trust you, they don't really like you either.

They have reached a point of saturation over your government's continual disinformation campaigns, your spectacular advertising splurges to remind us all of how awesome you lot think you are, and the endless attempts to distort the truth for your political advantage, even on the most minor of issues.

They are also sick to death of the way your government continually drags its feet on shifting Australia into the 21st century, whether it be national broadband for all, stem cell research, solar power, or other renewable energy resources.

Your government lets problems fester, and national infrastructure decay, until it all becomes something close to a national emergency - water, dental health, Aboriginal health, climate change, energy - and then, when it's time for another election campaign, you make hundreds of promises you have no intention of keeping once you have conned, fear-mongered and disinformed your way back into power.

Australians know your drill now. We know your game plan. We've got your number. We know what to expect, and why you won't deliver what you promise, and why you will deliver what you won't tell us about before it comes time to enter the voting booth.

It's a tired old game the government plays as it heads towards a shattering election defeat later this year. But it is the only game it knows how to play. Install the Threat, pump up the Fear, then promise deliverance.

And as for being treated unfairly by voters :
"...they are demanding masters," said Mr Abbott.

"They expect their MPs to be celebrities and, at the same time, just like them; to be content with a fraction of the earnings of corporate high-flyers, while working seven days a week in a hyper-responsible job..."

"Nothing but the best is good enough from Australian politicians and, the better it becomes, the more zealously voters reserve their right to raise their expectations."

Oh stop, you're breaking the nation's heart. Whatever happened to politicians being happy to sacrifice to serve their country, and their people?

You're a public servant, Tony, with retirement, pension and superannuation benefits that are far beyond the realm of about 95% of Australian workers.

You think you're getting a rough trot? Go be a doctor in an outback rural town where extremely frustrated, and very sick, people have to drive three hours to seek your help.

Go work four 12 hour shifts in a row in a slaughterhouse or a canning factory.

Go drive a road train from Darwin to Adelaide in one bleary-eyed trip for less than what you get for a day sitting on your arse in air-conditioned comfort in Parliament.

You've had it so good for so long, down there in Canberra, you have no comprehension of how tough life now is for millions of Australian families and workers.

Australians expect the best from their politicians because we live in the best country in the world, and we want it to keep it that way.

If you don't like how demanding Australians are of their politicians, then leave.

No-one's got a gun to your head, mate.

Abbott supplies another perfect example of why Australians are growing so tired of this government in a speech he gave last night.

Abbott offers no vision for the future, no acknowledgement of how the economy is doing so well because so many Australians are working so hard they barely have a social or family life left.

Abbott offers no inspiration, just more self-praise, more "lookit, we are so wonderful" propaganda, and more insipid, petulant fearing and smearing of opposition leader, and favoured prime minister, Kevin Rudd, the man who has Abbott, and the prime minister, so thoroughly rattled they are melting like butter in the heat of the voters desire for change, and a new beginning.

For the majority of Australians, the next federal election, and the next change of government, can't come soon enough.